A New Bergen-ing / Laugh Out Cloud

To the trolls' horror, Poppy invites the Bergens to a village party. Cloud Guy offers to end a drought -- if Branch will be his best buddy for a day.

Two Party System / Fun Branch

Poppy faces a dilemma: Branch's birthday party is the same day as Bridget's! To prove he's fun, Branch invites the Snack Pack for a stay at his home.

Royal Review / Funishment

Poppy nervously awaits her first performance review as queen. An accidental theft of a Bergen's pie forces Poppy to find a way to deal with crime.

Bad News Bergens / Unhealthy Competition

To build ties with the Bergens, Poppy signs up the trolls to play Bergenball. Smidge's stoutberrry juice gets a competitor: Guy Diamond's Glitterade.

Cloudy with a Chance of Hugs / Creek Week

Branch grudgingly agrees to help Cloud Guy give a special someone an exclusive hug on Hug Day. The traitorous troll Creek returns to Troll Village.

The Giver / Bellow Bug Day

Poppy tries to figure out who has been anonymously leaving gifts every harvest moon. Poppy's attempt to fix a ruined holiday only makes things worse.


Poppy is the ever-positive leader of the Troll community. She’s energetic, enthusiastic, and committed to helping all those around her. However, her endless optimism comes with a bit of stubbornness and this scrappy Queen is not afraid to stand up for her beliefs.


Branch is the most reserved and rational member of the Trolls. He is overly cautious, always evaluating the potential danger in any given situation. Despite his gruff and grumpy exterior, he often surprises his fellow Trolls with his thoughtfulness and sensitivity.


Biggie is the most soft-spoken Troll in the village and never wants to be a bother to anyone, which leads to him being timid at times. But when his friends are in trouble, he always answers the call. He’s a hilarious contrast to his closest friend – a worm named Mr. Dinkles.

DJ Suki

DJ Suki creates the soundtrack of Troll Village and is the chillest personality in the whole forest. She has a big, empathetic heart and when her core principles are challenged, she’ll stand up for what she believes in – like keeping a party going or making sure you don’t harsh someone’s mellow.


Cooper is happy-go-lucky with a goofy grin plastered permanently on his face. He is off in his own little world – so much so that he often overlooks the lethal danger right in front of his face.


Smidge is fiercely loyal to Poppy and takes it upon herself to personally assist her AND put someone in their place if they give Poppy any guff. When she’s not by Poppy’s side, Smidge spends her time pumping iron.

Guy Diamond

Guy is ambitious, cheeky, and just a little bit vain. But as much as he wants to stand out and be the center of attention, Guy Diamond’s greatest passion is helping his friends to treat themselves and live the good life. Also, farting glitter.

Cloud Guy

Cloud Guy is a sarcastic, irreverent prankster – quick to a joke, a quip or elaborate high-five. Cloud Guy is always “on”.

Satin & Chenille

Satin and Chenille, or “The Fashionista Twins,” are the most fashion-forward members of Troll Village who help to make it a fabulous and fantastical place to live. Satin is bright-eyed and optimistic, while Chenille is down-to-earth and unafraid to tell it like it is.